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Sometimes I have these random memories that just pop up in my head and I’ll just start giggling to myself.

Good thing the only people around me are children….or people will think I’m insane.  Well…..maybe the children think that.  🙂


I remember one of the first times that my hubby gave Little E his bath in our old house.  Little E probably wasn’t even a month old and we were using the small bath tub inside of the bigger bath tub.  Up until this moment I had been giving Little E his bath but I thought it was time for hubby to spend some quality time with the boy.  🙂

So…it was BATH TIME!

Hubby gets ready….

Little E is positioned in the little bathtub and the water is filled up.

Hubby gets down on his knees and feels like it’s just not comfortable for him because he’s a lot taller than I am and so he finds it difficult to get situated right to give the proper bath.  So he changes position a little and tries again.

Still not comfortable he takes out the small bathtub and turns it around so Little E is facing in the opposite direction.

Thinking this might be better…he tries again.

I think another reason he wasn’t that comfortable was because there wasn’t much space in between the toilet and the sink.  I figured if I could do it then he could as well.  Perhaps I overlooked this.  🙂

I come to the bathroom door to see how things are going to find that hubby is now crawling in the bigger bathtub to get in a better position.

Yes…that’s right.  Little E is in the small bathtub that is in the big bathtub while hubby is also in the big bathtub (with his sneakers on might I add).  All this to wash my little boy who probably wasn’t as dirty as all this fuss required.  🙂

Finally…I come to the rescue..and say:  “It’s ok honey I can do it…and you can do it next time.”

Poor hubby.  He looked so lost, but I have to admit he has gotten better and he gives Little E his bath or shower every time he needs it now.

But, that picture will always remain in my head.  🙂


Blessing:  I’m so thankful and blessed by my husband who helps raise our little boy together with me.

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This week I was hit with a horrible realization.

It’s one that I have thought about often, but never really gave it much more than a fleeting thought.

It’s one that I knew was going to happen but just didn’t think it would be this soon.

It’s this:

My child is growing up.  😦

In less than 2 months Little E will be 3.  3!!!  Where did the time go?

The bitter realization hit me hard in the chest last night when we took Little E to McDonalds Play place.

After we were done our meal he asked if he could go play and I said yes.

After watching him run off towards the play place I looked over and my husband was still in his seat.  I wanted to ask him “What are you doing?  You should be beside him like you always are…crawling in there with him.  If you aren’t going to do it then I will!”

But…at that moment I saw my husband smile and wave.  I looked over in the direction of the play place and saw Little E up at the very top tunnel waving through a window at us.

My heart sunk….the realization hit like a baseball bat to the chest..and I slowly raised my hand in a wave and smiled the best I could.

Thoughts swirled my mind.

“How did he get up there?  Who’s watching him?  What happens if he gets hurt?  HOW DID HE GET UP THERE????”

You see…two months ago we were at the exact same play place for a birthday party for one of Little E’s friends…and he was climbing a little, but he still preferred to stay at the bottom since he wasn’t quite tall enough.  Daddy or mommy would always have to lift him up and go up with him.

But now…now…just two small months later..he’s doing it all by himself.

He’s growing up…and he’s not waiting for me to realize it.  He’s doing it all by himself.

Pretty soon he’ll be starting his first day of school.  Then his first day of junior high, then his first day of high school…then prom, then graduation, then college, then marriage…UGGGHGHHGGHGH When does it stop???

(Breathe Laura, Breathe!)

My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  It’s sad, but exciting all at the same time.

We are at the phase where he says the cutest things.  He is doing great at potty training, he’s making new friends and he’s excelling at super speeds with his language and numbers.

I guess I just have to take it all in stride…and try to catch up to him.

I look at this picture and smile:

Almost 3 years old

but there’s still a part of me that wants to go back to this:


Sigh….I have a big boy now!

But I still love him 🙂

He’s a blessing all in himself…more ways than one.


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Lots of memories.

For some reason I’m in the “awww look how cute my little boy was as a baby” phase.

I’m not sure why..but I’ve been going through this stage for probably the last three weeks.

Maybe it’s because in a few short  months my baby will be 3.  3!  can’ you believe it?  Where has the time gone? 😦

I’m ready for another baby…I would love to have another baby.

However…my timing is not always God’s timing (as seen countless times).

Until then…I have my pictures to look at.

And just because I’m nice…I’ll share some with you too.

But, only if you will tell me how ADORABLE my child is…cause he really really is!  🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Don't let the smile fool you!

Don’t let the smile fool you!

I clearly remember this day.  We were waiting for the doctor to sign us out and to allow us to go live our lives in the real world as parents.  Just before this picture was taken Kevin looked at me with scared and horrific eyes.  I asked him what was wrong.

“I don’t know if I can do this!” – Kevin

“What do you mean you don’t know if you can do this?  Do what?” – Me

“This!  Being a parent” – Kevin

“WELL IT’S A LITTLE TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND NOW!” – Me (I’m very sympathetic…can’t you tell?)

And so started the journey of parenthood for us.  One that we have never looked back on and regretted at all!  What a wonderful journey this has been!

I am so blessed!


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