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30 Children.

I came across this article today in the Cape Breton post and thought that it was interesting.   The other day I talked about how there was a large number of children waiting in Canada to be adopted from foster care.  I knew that adoption here in Cape Breton was a need, but didn’t realize that the numbers were this high (although…it’s sad to say..it doesn’t really surprise me).


I find this more and more an area of interest to me.  I’m praying that God will direct hubby and I  in the right direction for the future.  Please continue to pray for us….we desperately would love to have a sibling for Little E.


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Did you know???

I’ve kinda been slacking a bit on the adoption plug for this month on the blog….but it’s not because I forgot….just simply trying to get some information together.

I was checking out some websites earlier and came across a staggering statistic:

“Latest figures from the Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) say that child welfare organizations care for nearly 80,000 Canadian children. Of these, about 30,000 are legally free for adoption, but languish in temporary foster homes. The majority are aged 6 and older.” Taken from: http://www.familyhelper.net/news/100805-30,000incare.html   This was for 2010.

Don’t you think that’s crazy????  I mean as in a sad crazy way!  😦  There really shouldn’t be that many children in our foster care system when people like me and hubby want to adopt.  But there is…and you know why?  In my humble opinion I believe it’s because more and more couples want to adopt a baby.   They say that they don’t want the emotional, physical or mental problems that come with children out of foster care.

I know…cause I’m one of them.  We have Little E so I keep telling myself that if we adopt again we need to be very careful of all the above things.  I don’t want to damage him or have problems come into this house that may be too big to handle.  Which….are really legitimate concerns….but the problems lies when I don’t do my research or I don’t call the number and even attempt at finding out more information.

Cause here’s the thing:  Just because a child is in foster care does NOT mean that they will have all the above problems.  They may be in for a totally different reason…and let’s just face it:  Every child needs love.  They really really do.  So…what’s holding me back from making that call?

This reason…and this reason alone:  I still want to be pregnant.

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable expectation.  There is nothing saying that I can’t get pregnant…it just hasn’t happened yet.  In fact, I have finally started up the specialist appointments again and will be going for my first one in Nova Scotia next Thursday on the 17th…hoping that this doctor can do something that other’s couldn’t.

BUT!  In the meantime..I’m going to bring up this subject of adopting a child in foster care again with hubby.  We talked about it at one point but thought we had better try for the pregnancy first.  However, time is getting short…and I would love for Little E to have a brother or a sister…whether older or younger.

If you are thinking about adopting…please just check out that site above and this site as well:  http://www.adoption.ca/AboutAdoption.html

If you decide that maybe adopting from foster care is your option…then call the number and at least get the information packet.

Let’s give some of these children back the love that they deserve.


Totally unrelated blessing:   I got my floors cleaned today!!!!

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