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November is a very special month to a lot of us, not just because it has Remembrance  Day in there…but because it’s


That’s right!  It’s a month set aside to focus on adoption.  According to this website:  http://adoption.about.com/od/adopting/a/allaboutnam.htm  national adoption month changes it’s focus every year.  This year’s focus is on foster kids and learning about the advantages of adopting them.  I think that this may be more for the United States…but I have chosen to take this month (or at least most of it) and focus on adoption and the benefits of it as well.

Basically for two reasons:

1)  Little E was adopted…and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to us as a family.

and 2)  A lot of my friends have adopted.

It seems that more and more people are having a hard time conceiving children of their own and often times those couples feel like a void in their life never gets filled.

I think that if we educate people more on the benefits of adoption, and maybe put some of their fears at bay then perhaps some of those couples will be able to have a child welcomed into their home through the adoption process.

Adoption is a scary word for a lot of people.  Some people just don’t think that they can do it and I respect that…but I don’t think that adoption has to be a bad word in our lives.

My plan throughout the next month is to have some guest bloggers on here sharing their adoption stories.  I would also love to have some birth mothers/fathers who gave their child up for adoption share as well.  And hey!  Even if you were adopted I would love to hear your story.

BUT PLEASE:  If you want to share your story: please send me an email at hegivesgrace@gmail.com with the story.  Please do not leave it in the comment section.

I also hope to share some other cool things on adoptions:  books to read, children’s books to read, videos, etc.

So please stay tuned…open your hearts and minds and maybe we can learn some new things about adoption together!

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Some of you may not be aware of it but November is NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH.

It’s a time to raise awareness on adoption.

Adoption is a cause I firmly believe in…for obvious reasons.  🙂

So..in order for ME to raise awareness on adoption I would like YOUR help!  (PLEASE)

If you are an adoptive parents or a biological parent that has given your child up for adoption I would love love love it if you shared your story on my blog as a guest post.

HOW?  Well..it’s easy.  All you do is comment and let me know you are interested…or you can email me at hegivesgrace@gmail.com .  Once I hear from you I will be in contact with you and get you to share your story with me.

Then I will post it on my blog as a guest post.

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR STORY.   I would really like to make it a guest post so that everybody can read it…and that way we can raise more awareness.

I’m probably going to repost this post a few times so we can make sure we get a few people to help out.

So if you are interested please please let me know.

I’m also asking biological  parents to share their story as well.  It’s always nice to hear from the other side of the coin as well.

Let’s raise awareness for adoption….it’s much better than the alternative (abortion)

Thanks so much!


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