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While we were away on our vacation last week I stopped in at Old Navy (of course) and bought a cute little Motorcycle fleece sweater for Little E.  I was super excited about it cause I only paid $9 for it and it was really really cute…and he loved it!

Well, he only wore it once before he fell in some mud and got himself all dirty.

Yah...it went all over the side of his face too.

So…we took it off and we headed on our way home a day later.

Little E wanted to go outside one morning around 11:00….so I thought…today would be a PERFECT day for him to wear it.

So I searched for it…and searched for it…and searched for it some more.

I called my sister in law and asked her if she had seen it and she hadn’t.  I remembered showing it to my mom so I called her later and she said she didn’t know where it was either.

So I searched and searched again….getting more and more frustrated as the day went on.  Finally around 10 that night I gave up my search.

2 days later I found it…in a bag up on a shelf.  I had glanced up on the shelf a few times the day I was searching for it…but all I found up there was a hat…and figured that was all that was there.  I didn’t look through anything else….basically I was looking like a man does …hehe

I was so excited that I found it!  I called my friends and told them…lol.

Then….later that same day Little E’s lens fell out of his glasses.  We searched all over the house for it…ALL over…couldn’t find it.

Hubby called Vogue Optical and they said it wouldn’t be covered under our warranty and that it would cost $90.

I kept searching…knowing that we didn’t have $90 for a new lens…but knowing that Little E needed his glasses.

Frustrated…I gave in and we went to Vogue Optical where the very nice lady told us not to worry about it…they would cover it and we wouldn’t have to pay the money!   (And I didn’t even have to tell her we didn’t have it!)

Made my day a little better…UNTIL later that night when…….

I came up into the living room to see the screen door open slightly…knowing that my older cat had opened it and pretty sure that my kitten had run out it.

So I grabbed my shoes and started hunting the dark outside for my kitten.  Looked everywhere…growing more and more frustrated as the minutes passed by.  Grumbling at my husband for not realizing the door was open (even though it wasn’t his fault to be a guard to the door).

About 10 minutes later…she came back…perfectly fine.

So in three days I had lost three things and had found three things…and do you know what????

Not once had I relied and trusted God to help me find these things.

Now..I know some of you are probably saying “well that’s silly….those weren’t big things”.  But, somebody asked me on Facebook (when I was looking for the sweater) if I had “prayed to God about it….because even He cares about the little things!”   And you know what….I’m sure that probably would have helped my frustration level…if nothing else.

So lesson learned:  Next time I am looking for something….or have a problem..not matter how small it is…I’m going to take it to God first, and let Him take care of the rest.


Blessing:  My blessing for today is that my husband is working!  Working pays the bills!  🙂

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