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Amazing A and Lucky L were over after school the other day.  This is the first time I had seen them in about a week as both of them had been sick.

Lucky L started the conversation telling me that he had a reaction to his medicine and he had a rash.

Then Amazing A spoke up and said “And I had a virus!”

I then said “You’re just like a computer.  Had a virus…maybe we should get you a virus scanner.”

To which Amazing A replied “I’m just like a robot.”

Haha these kids say the craziest things.

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The other day Little E and I were working on his “homework” together.  He only goes to preschool twice a week but he enjoys doing work like they would do in school.  So I got a book from Walmart and we have been working on that together.  The other day we were working on something that involved the word “IRON”.  So I showed him the picture of the iron and I asked him if he knew what it was.  This was our conversation:

Me:  “What is this?”

Little E: “an Iron.”

Me:  “Do you know what an iron is  used for?”  (I was interested in hearing what he had to say because I NEVER use my iron.)

Little E: “Yup…..it’s for putting edge tape on wood.”

Me: “haha Yes honey…in this house that’s what it’s used for.  🙂  But other people use it to get wrinkles out of their clothes.”

Hahaha ……only in my house.  🙂


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I don’t know whether I just have mommy brain, or because my brain has been hurting or possibly even just because I’m getting older, but I find that I can’t remember things.  For example I will think of something to do, go to walk into the room to do it like two seconds later and totally forget what I was going in there for.

I know..I know…we’ve all done this..but I’ve been doing it a lot more lately.

For example:

On Sunday, Little E was complaining that his belly was sore before we headed to church.  So I let him crawl up on the couch and watch some tv.  I came in after a  bit and asked him if his belly was any better.  He said “not yet”.

I did some more things and then came back about fifteen minutes later and asked him the same question after he had some food and he said “yes, much better.”

On the way out the door I was getting his jacket on him and I asked him “E are you feeling better.  Does your stomach  hurt anymore?”

“No mom, it feels better now.”

We get in the car, head to church and after we are finished praying for the day I turned around and asked Little E if he was feeling better.  Not really paying attention to his answer because hubby started talking to me at the same time.

Ten minutes later we are almost at the church and I ask Little E.  “Is your tummy better now?”

To which he replied: (and he was yelling) “YES MY TUMMY IS BETTER!  HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT??!!”

Yup…this momma has too much on her brain…it’s on overload.  At least I haven’t forgotten a kid though….yet.  🙂



I got wonderful  new slippers yesterday and I just LOVE them…my feet have been cozy warm all day today!

Momma’s in the Picture: Day: I lost count.

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The other day we were sitting at the supper table and Little E passed some gas from his little bum.

(That was the polite way to put it)

I said to him “Did you do that?”

He then turned to me and said “yup, I had a little chugga chugga in my pants”

Lol…not sure what that means…but that’s our new phrase for passing gas now.


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The other day we were sitting down at the supper table and I turned to Little E and I said…”I can’t believe that in little over a month you will be four.  What happened to my little baby boy?”

He turned to me and said “I drank all my milk.”

🙂  Yup made me smile.

We then got to talking about how old he will be and I started showing him with my fingers that he wouldn’t be three anymore, that he was going to be four.  He then said to me “And then after four I will be five…that’s a whole handful!”

Ahhh…the things they come up with.  🙂


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Yesterday we were having a lazy  Sunday afternoon because Little E was a little bit under the weather.  He was sitting on the couch with hubby watching Disney Cars videos on youtube.  He came across a video where it was showing the newest color changing toy.  He decided to show hubby and after watching it hubby said that looks really cool Little E, you will definitely have to save your money for it.

To which Little E replied:

“Yup I’m going to buy it when it comes on buy one get one free.”

Haha made me chuckle.  I think he’s been hanging out with his coupon freak mommy a bit too much!  🙂


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I’ve been slacking on my blog writing.  I’ve said that before…but my life has just been crazy lately.  I’m doing a lot of Pampered Chef parties which is AWESOME and I’ve had this stupid head cold for about a month now.  Going to the walk in clinic tomorrow to hopefully get some antibiotics.  (Crossing my fingers).  AND I’ve been couponing like a mad woman.  (I’ll blog about that tomorrow)

But for right now I’m bringing back Laughable Lines for the day.

I was getting supper ready the other day and we were having Shepherds Pie.  A favourite for Little E at preschool…but whenever I make it he just doesn’t seem to like it.  They must put in something extra.  Anyway, I was dishing it out and Little E says “Mom are you getting mine ready?”

To which I replied…”Yup, sure am”

“Just give me a little bit please mom”

“Ok Little E, no problem”

“Trust me mom, just trust me.  A little bit” he replies.

Trust him…haha I just gave him a little bit and he was super happy.


Blessing:  A nice warm house when it’s -23 degrees outside with the windshield factor is a super awesome blessing!

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