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Happy Father’s day to the best husband ever.

My husband is such a great father and this is one of the things I love about him the most.  He loves Little E with all of his heart and always has time for him.  He helps him with things, takes care of him, gives him baths and just pours all that he is into Little E.

He does fun camp outs with Little E in our living room, making tents out of blankets, and pulling a mattress out so they can sleep on it.  He goes to Home Depot with Little E and makes crafts with him, takes him kayaking, throws rocks with him and just spends great quality time with him.

People have commented over and over again how much Little E looks like my husband which is so weird because he’s adopted!  But let me tell you something, they are born of the same mind!  LOL.

They both love peanut butter and jam, both like to do crazy wacky things and best of all just love being with each other.

My husband is also a great husband…always thanks me for doing his laundry, for the meals and tells me I’m beautiful.  I couldn’t ask for a better man.  He helps out all the time, rarely ever taking a break for himself.  Not only is he helping me, but he’s helping everybody else who needs it.

My hubby works a full time job and then leads the church plant as well.  He’s a father, husband, pastor, employee and most of all he loves God.

So this Father’s day and every day I just want to share with the world how much we love and appreciate him.

Happy Father’s day hun!

Father's Day gift 2011.


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