Throwback Thursday

This is a pic of our friend , Kirk, On my 28th birthday. He’s trying his first ever pickle.


He didn’t like it.


Spilled Milk and Grace

This morning was a typical morning.  Big E’s alarm went off and he crawled into bed with us for a little morning time snuggle.  (Seriously…if he doesn’t get this it’s bad news for the rest of the day).  After about five minutes we got up and ready for the day.  7:30 hit and we settled down for breakfast and morning devotions.  Throughout devotions I reminded Big E over and over again to be careful not to spill his milk.  Devotions finished.  I told Big E to finish his milk and instead of drinking it normally he decided that holding on to it with four fingers (two on each hand) was much better than 10 fingers….thus spilling his milk everywhere.

I got upset.  Yup….it happens every. single. time.  He’s not paying attention and spills his drink all the time.  Seriously…the kid is five and I’m sure he will be drinking out of sippy cups until he’s twelve.  Anyway…I got upset.  Milk was wasted…paper towel was wasted.  He had to change his clothes…which results in me having to do more laundry than normal.  Why was I upset?  Maybe because I had told him at least a dozen times to be careful with his milk.  At least….a dozen times.

Then I sent him off to school….after I got mad at him.  After he apologized at least half a dozen times and after I DIDN’T say…”it’s ok…I know it was an accident.”  Yeah..big time mom fail right here.  (Pointing finger at myself)

Half an hour later I was in the car by myself and listening to my own music which is a very rare occassion in itself.  Three minutes into my drive the song “Grace like Rain” by Todd Agnew came on my ipod.  If you  haven’t heard it…have a listen.

And right there, into the chorus, God had a teachable moment with me.

“And Hallelujah Grace like rain falls down on me”

Grace like rain.

Let’s just take that literary shall we.  Rain falls.  Sometimes it falls softly…sometimes it pours and beats down on us….but it always comes down and refreshes things that need to be refreshed.  We need rain.

We need grace.  Big time.  Can you imagine a world without Grace? Isn’t it simply amazing to think that God is up there watching us and “showering” us with grace when we need it the most…sometimes when we don’t even deserve it?  Sometimes He showers it lightly…other times He pours it down on us.  Have you ever met somebody who wasn’t grateful for the grace they received?  Me either….grace is wonderful.  Grace makes the world go around.  Grace  makes you feel refreshed, so much better and so grateful.  God gives it….God provides it and God keeps pouring it out on us.

So my lesson???  Yeah..you guessed it.  Grace.  I should have given Big E grace this morning.  He’s five.  Yes..he should have been more careful but haven’t we all done things that we weren’t careful of.  Hasn’t there been somebody in your life that has told you not to do something and you went ahead and did it anyway…the end resulting in “spilled milk”?

This morning I prayed and thanked God for the teachable moment of Grace.  I could have easily gotten in an accident and been killed and the last thing that BIg E would have remembered was me being upset with him.  God gave me grace this morning and I intend to pass that along.

I apologized to Big E and told him that I love him even when he doesn’t listen to me and bad things happen.  I told him I will be try not to get upset next time and that I hope he forgives me.  He knows what he did was wrong.  I don’t need to tell him again.

Instead…I just need to give him grace.

~ Laura

I used to do Wordless Wednesday but they were never wordless…because let’s face it…I can’t be quiet that long.  So I’ve changed it to Picture Wednesday on my blog.  🙂  Thought I’d share a cool picture of the week with you all each week.  So enjoy.


I just love this kid!


It’s been a long time…but summer is over and it’s time for another book review.

This time I decided to review a devotional.  Now…obviously it’s a 365 day devotional and I haven’t done all 365 days of it but I did do a week’s worth and let me tell you I’m impressed.  First…let me introduce the book: Live second by Doug Bender


I am a hard one to impress devotional wise.  There are a few things I look for when I go to buy a new devotional book.

I like a scripture PASSAGE to read.  Not just a verse…a passage.  Something that will make me actually open my Bible…read it, think about it and then give me something to think about as well.  I have had a few devotionals that just give me one verse and then do the whole devotional for the day on that one verse.  Or I’ve had ones where they just give one scripture reference and I have to look up one verse.  Let me just tell you that I’m lazy.  For one verse..I will not look it up.  Or the worse one that I’ve read gave me a scripture verse but actually wrote it out on the top.  How is that bad  you may ask?  It’s not so much that…it’s when the author decided to put her own word in parenthesis.  I do not like that.  However, this devotional gives you a passage, makes you look it up, gives you a topic to read about (as in the actual devotional part of it) and then asks two questions afterwards.  I like that.  I like that alot.  It gets me actively involved in the word of God.

When I first started the devotional day one was to watch a Youtube video on the I am second series.  (Good series and short videos. If you haven’t watched them…you really should.)  And then asks questions about the video and how you can apply it to your life.  Not every day is like that but it’s a good change of pace when it does happen.  I also like that it gives you a QR code to scan into your phone or mobile device (as well as the actual address) so you can just scan it in.  Nice touch Mr. Bender!

Another thing that I liked about it is that it’s on my kindle.  Now…you can get it in any format of your choosing but I decided to review it on my kindle.  Let me tell you why I absolutely love it on my kindle device.  This comes back to the lazy part but I like that I can just hit my home button on my device and then go to my devotions…and when I’m done I can hit home again and go back to my book.  Super nice!!

Another thing I liked was that after the questions were asked they posted a hashtag so that you can connect with others on twitter with your answers.  So I can look up what others have say about the topic that I just read.

The only thing that I didn’t like that it seemed to ask the same two questions over and over again in the first week that I did it.  After the third day I just didn’t think about the questions any more.  They could have had more effective questions applying to the topic…even though the general overall topic was living second to Jesus.

This devotional is easy to understand….easy to apply to your daily life and just great.  I will continue doing it even after this review is published.  I highly recommend it.

I give it a five out of five suckers.

sucker5Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com® <http://BookSneeze.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Smaller than a mustard seed.

As some of you know, my hubby and I are church planters.  We have been trying to plant a church where we live for the past four years.  Year one was great….had a lot of people coming.  But then a few people moved away and we have been just struggling to stay alive for the past year or so.

This year we decided that we needed to up our anty a little more, get on the ball, do lots of outreach…even if it’s just my hubby, Big E and I.  For this Sunday we decided to do a 10 foot banana split sundae.  We did this in our other church we were pastoring in New Brunswick and everybody loved it…so we thought…”hey why  not try it here?”

We tried it over the summer with some block parties that we did and it always went over well.  So this past Thursday we decided to go put out posters on the telephone poles around town advertising that we were having “The Best Sunday Ever!” and having a 10 foot long ice cream sundae.

Well Friday and Saturday it rained pretty much so we really didn’t know what would happen on Sunday when we arrived at church.  To be honest….I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot.  The past year has been a very disappointing year for us.  We have been let down, discouraged and frustrated beyond belief.  We thought doors were opening and then they slammed in our face.  Things just weren’t going according to our plan and we thought God had shut some doors.

Well…things aren’t supposed to go according to “our” plan are they?

Last night I was sitting in my chair thinking…”I really don’t want to go to church tomorrow.  It’s going to be discouraging.  Nobody is going to show up.  We have people coming to sing and nobody will be there…and that’s just embarassing.”


My faith was small.  Smaller than a mustard seed.  So small that you probably wouldn’t be able to see it under a microscope.  I was defeated.  I was ready to give up, throw in the towl….and walk away.

We went to church this morning.  10:00 came…we started church with 10 people.  Better than four…but I could feel that our crew was discouraged.  Then about 10:15 four more people showed up…and then at 10:30 eight others showed up.  So we had 22!  This is great news!!  It’s been a long time since we had 22.

I was excited…but quick to remind myself that I should have believed God would do big things in the first place.  I felt like a little kid who got scolded because my faith was so small….non existant really.

God is bigger than my faith…. THANK GOODNESS!  He can do things….only He can make things happen.  Only He knows the future.  Maybe our church won’t take off this year…(i’m hoping, praying and having faith that it does!) but at least we reached people today that may not have even heard about God before today.

Now….that’s worth more than any number in church attendance.

Praise God!


10 Things I’m thankful for

1) Big E meeting new friends at school.

2) My cats.

3)  My church family (really this should be above my cats)

4) Best friends who listen.

5)  Friends who encourage.

6)  My new bedroom floor!

7)  the beautiful scenic view from my house.  Love looking out my window at night time.

8)  A husband who is a carpenter.  Saves so much money!!

9)  A comfy bed.

10) A wonderful Jesus who loves me so very much (again this should have been at the top)

New bedroom floor!


New flooring in my bedroom finally!  No more yucky green carpet that I can’t step on with bare feet!!!  So excited!  Hubby didn’t have work yesterday and we’ve had the flooring sitting in our bedroom for the past year so we thought…hey why not.  🙂  The top picture is what it used  to look like before (we still have this ugly green carpet in our dining room).  However in the bedroom it was so gross.

So happy to have it in!

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